The Act of Googling

Oxford ‘how are ya’. In recent times any question may be rebounded with “just google it”.

Polite dismissive.
From conversational catch
To straight out ignore.

A fantastic friend of mine made the effort this weekend to pay me a visit in Tasmania.
I would never ask that of someone. But pay he did – in booking airfares for him and a friend.
I’d never met his pal. Also mexican. I was worried but I offered my room to them just the same.
Facebook read “Let the 1month bender begin”. I don’t drink. Was this a dynamic that would work?
Could this stranger be trusted? Wait and see. (maybe not the perfect ideal to live by)
They made the plunge and touched down in Hobart for the long weekend of “Labor Day”.
Here we go!

Generally a pretty quiet town. We got the ball rolling immediately. I’d done some cleaning and exercised all day. I was behind the 8-ball. Exhausted and Excited captures me well I think for a lot of the time.
Juan and Ray. My good pals, made themselves at home. Mum got out the globe and the world map, made some tapas and abducted the conversation for a few hours. I squeezed in a nap and tried to get it together.
After a tour of the house, and once the food was all digested we headed out. It was Saturday and the night was still young. Beers were drank, and it was time for me to play tour guide.
Knowledge was dropped. Chats were had. A small crew formed and a miniscule group of us formed.
Quality over quantity rings true once more.
For a time I couldn’t speak and had to go to the bathroom to compose myself. “Water, I need water”.
We hung out in a retired old bus, drank and talked of the world. We interrupted a date, I caught them as they were leaving and made them sit with us. They were nice, they were from Denmark.
I didn’t ask their names. Because knowing someone’s name means you have a power over them.

Maybe I’ll stop asking names. That could be funny.

So we sat on the bus.
I explained “HOW ARE YA”
Still struggling with the inability to speak true to my grande thoughts it was a test.
Point at anything, and say “How are ya”. Now change your tone. Say it however you like and try-
to just imply whatever you want to say. It’s not as ambiguous as it sounds.
Imply connotations.
Say it in celebration.
Use it on your relations
Anywhere in the nation.

Europeans really struggle with it.
I say how are ya. They say good.
My friend meets the girl of his dream and they go on a cute date
“HOW are ya”
You need a drink
So you ask for an extra bit of “how are ya”
It’s beautiful.
Naturally the Scandies sat captivated.
We let them tell their story making our time a shared experience.
And then they were gone. Ships passing in the night.

Pretty girl: “I like your jacket it looks suede”
Tim: “Spoiler alert, it’s not.”
Tim: “She could have just said hey”

Later after much, much DJ we went to the bakehouse.
Where the Ray got a Steak and Pepper Pie.
“How-are-yah” He said in his dulcet mexican tones.
Moments later he was enjoying a tactical siesta, obviously feeling he had won the day.
There was no arguing
We cabbed home
I was wired.
just lay
in bed

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