Fizzy Tizzy Dizzy-Dizzy

Behold the human candle.
I am waxy
Therein I am wicked
I burn
Until I am no more.

Today I talked with the girl I like.
She asked me if our relationship was weird for me.
I answered:
“I like you a lot and I enjoy spending time with you”
What more was there to say?

I’ve been feeling off these past few days.
Up and down.
Rain shine; rain shine.
Small town syndrome?

I’m Tired.
I’ve been exercising lots
And watching my diet

I jogged and ate trifle today
I sold booze and studied
I said “safe travels” to Mitch

And I rode my bike
And I fretted
I fretted over so many, many things.

Uni. The new month. My new look. A new challenge. My opinion on coincidence. How much I talk. The small town of Tasmania. The upcoming weekend. My brother. My drivers licence. The car. Bills. Money. Travel. The end of the year. Friendships. Unsent text messages. The gears of my bike. The cold weather. The cliche of talking about weather.

Feeling guilty each day.
No matter what I do.

Movies? I should study.
Study? It’s so sunny.
See a girl. Late to bed.
Have a bath. Running late.
Work? Why not play.
Stay put. Why not walk.
Have a coffee. Never sleep.
Eat a cake. Get fat.
Drink tea. Need to pee.
Wear shorts? Feel cold.
Jog? Feel hungry.
Weights? Be top heavy.
Sport? Bust my knee.
No time. I need time.

Corrugated iron roofs-
And I don’t know, or care-
If Australia did them first.
One thing I know.

Its raining,
Its raining and raining.
Its beautiful.
Its therapy.

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