Walk on!

A few things.
I CANT BLAH.. (blah was a typo but we’ll roll with it) *BLOG, FROM MY ROOM.
So here I am sitting outside, in the darkness. Inviting plague and fever upon myself, tapping away on my oh-so-lit-up-iPad. Mosquitos please.

Today was a pretty full on day. Starting early with my dad, we walked up the mountain. Over 5 hours and 1 conquered mountain later, we were home drinking tea. Kinda like the British… Or the Spanish. Or French… Maybe not the French. But yeah planted a damn flag. Done and done. Thankyou Mt Wellington for supplying us with water and a huuuge hike.
The bikkies afterwards were so well earned.
Not a moment later I walked and caught up with the girl i’ve been seeing. We went to the beach where I was a dork and talked loads. Collapsing in a sandy heap I chatted without fail. My mind in an opened up passion fruit. I’m a cracked nut. Information and goodness knows what else flowed freely. I do worry myself. And I hope the bystanders and witnesses are ok too.
Dinner with the fam’ was fish. Delish!
Battered flake and a squid ring each, what a treat.

I’m gonna have to go, I’m getting eaten alive, gotta avoid ‘lello fever.

The most important thing in the world is family.
Think about it.

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