A relaxed approach to busy.

Farewell Melbourne.

Its been a year and a little more, since I moved from Edinburgh to Melbourne.
The change was dramatic, but I weathered it. Finding a house with my best friend Mitch and a rather aloof, severe young woman. Its been a learning experience for me this 365 days just gone. Indeed!
Working full-time in hospitality, managing, rent paying (by god.. Rent), and trying my very best to stay true to myself.
“Live life, the freedom of an adult and the adventurous mentality of a child.” – I didn’t realise how much of a rut I got myself into for a vast majority of the time.

Three things:
– I am people person, I have so much energy and time for everyone. Except for coming off the back of a 10hour day of talking to strangers whilest making them coffee. That “uppy-downey rollercoaster” is very much at the ground when i’m done working for the day. Visits from my best friend were seen often as an invasion.
Downtime needed. Early nights: required. Peace. Quiet.

-I worked with my friends. So after a long week, did I really feel like going out and meeting new people with my work collegues? What are we going to talk about? I spend 30 hours a week having a laugh with them in a relaxed cafe. Too much, much too much.

-And finally, rent was expensive! The house was situated in 10 minutes from any public transport, I got the small room, my housmates rarely made the effort for socail interaction, friendly gestures. I lost my sense on family, and I paid for it.

All things come in 3’s I suppose.
So my lease is up, what do I do? I go home.
Goodbye beautiful, hip and happening Melbourne!
Tasmania will be my port of call once again. I have so many relationships to re-kindle. So much alone time to catch up on. My family! My soul, has vastly overstretched feeling; maybe if I lay down for a week i’ll re-semble into a more compact version of myself. Trim the fat. Have a genuine smile and un-sunken eyes.

People to see. Unpacking to do.
And eventually my old bedroom to make new and welcomming all over again.

In my own time ofcourse. Did I need to be somewhere 30 minutes ago?
Do I have time for boiled eggs? I think i’ll walk today: And every day.
Time taken to move at your own speed is time well spent.

I’ve got my list of things to do. Today and on.

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