Pack it in

In the early morning I got up.
As did my team! 1-0 to the blues.

Awoke again on the mid day chime,
Had breakfast, exercised
And packed bags.
In my own time.

I had a list of things to do,
Slowly at first I ticked each box.
Then finally left was but a few!
Tick then tock, sorted my socks.

Rode my bike, to the city.
Dinner! Time to meet a bitty!

Home again,
I did some art.
Painted a globe all black,
Tore up my scrabble board.
Washed my hands.
Stood back and thought.
In all the lands,
Is this naught?
The eye of beholder
Should we fear
Could this be bolder
What i’ve done here.

Later that night
I’d pierce my ear.
Similar paint as Van Gogh might.
Hear ‘ear.

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