Uni is locked in! I’m 100% decided on making the plunge and heading to Tassie for a year of study.
I’ll be studying English and French as well as “Business”.

This upcomming Friday I have an appointment with a surgeon, regarding a knee reconstruction. So i’m laying off the jogging somewhat and focusing on riding my bike and sit-ups.

Talked to Faja and my sister tonight, just some lighthearted chit-chat which was lovely.
Also continued my streak by having a sit down with my housemate Bonnie, regarding future plans and ambitions.
It’s exciting being me at the moment. Everything’s so fresh and fun.

January has been a Booze-free, Blogging, Bangles and Beard month for me. Bonnie said next month she’ll pierce my left ear for me, for a laugh. That could be funny. See what else I can come up with before then.

Rainbow festival coming up for Australia Day (my favourite day) -avoiding the politics on that one.

Now I need to read up on the Ruble, I hear Russia are going to go into recession next year. So now I have to wait. World cup 2018 here I come.

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