I went looking.

Strange, somehow today has been longest day.
I woke up and went to work at 5.30.
I currently have a man-cold, the flu, whatever.
It rained and rained and the cafe was quiet enough for me to go home at 10.30.

Buckets and Buckets of rain.
I bought chocolate and vegetables to make myself better.

Home and sunburt from the day before I felt inspired. JOG TIME.
And so I ran. Refreshed, tight in the left calf though.

Home again, I ate pasta and fell asleep in the bath, listening to a music playlist I put together.

Awake again the bath now quite cold.
I jump into bed and watch Porco Rosso. What a class film.
Again, asleep.

Awake again I look at the texts asking me what i’m doing.
-nothing obviously-
In the wrong headspace for such a bland explanation so I went looking in my notes for the name of an art piece I enjoyed when visiting Spain years ago. Madrid. Sofia I think. Yes.

The piece talked about being sick, and how people look after you when you are sick.
And then how the author became obsessed with the idea that life is best, being looked after.
No expectation. 0% effort. Society will carry you.
I hated it and loved it. Such a spin on my fathers mentality that I’ve been instilled with.
“If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got much”.

The search continues for the name of the work alas.

Later I ate an iceberg lettuce, half a tin of peaches and half a block of chocolate.
What a treat.

I went for a jog and missed the Australia game. 4-0 to the green and gold. O-MAN!

Bed again for the 4th time today. I’m sick but the health bar is full.
Don’t worry Dad, don’t worry everybody.
Look after the people that need it.
I’m O.K.

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