That feeling

What is it with having a “feeling”. What kind of person gets a gut instinct. And how do you express an entirely out of the blue thought?

When a person gets an inkling that something might happen. How do they deal with it.

My mum would always voice her concerns. “Bye Mum, me and my friends are going to play in the quarry, throw rocks at each-other, fashion swords from sticks and just go berserk”. -back for dinner, no worries- Right?
Of course not. Mum wouldn’t let me out at all, if that was the case.

But lets say i’m fifteen, its the middle of the day and i’m walking to the city.
“Be careful, I’ve just got a bad feeling O.K!” – Great Mum, or should I say Miss Clavel. What am I supposed to do with this seemingly hocus-pocus warning. Am I being careful of anything in particular? Nothing bad ever happened. (mum was always on the alert and always wrong). correct?

So my mum voiced her thoughts, wild and unfounded warnings. Spooky if you ask me.
Having grown up with this my whole life, I have a common practice whenever I think “worst case scenario”.

I understand where she was coming from in some respects. And I’ve picked up a rather annoying habit of voicing my own strange thoughts.
My very own Murphy’s Law, protection against bad things happening.
“Say it out loud, so it doesn’t happen”. SIMPLE.

I went to see a football game this eve, beforehand I went for a jog (2015 health kick and all that).
Alone on my jog, mind wandering I thought.
“There’s going to be a terrorist attack”.
What a strange, strange notion.
Quickly now let me address, I do not live in fear nor do I have the slightest understanding of radical movements.
So I mentioned this thought to my friends -mentioned in the hope that it wouldn’t happen, like all bad thoughts I have- and lo and behold! Nothing of the sort.

But the reaction I got from my friends made me think twice about sharing my scary thoughts.
Truly though, I don’t think I’ll hold back when my brain is firing out worst case scenarios. But I did freak them out, unintentionally.
“why would you say that” said a friend.
I was shocked at the reception I got and how my frame of mind could be so misaligned from that of my friends.
UNTHINKABLE and UNACCEPTABLE, the thought and then practice of vocalising what your brain has fathomed.
Shame on me.

“Touch wood” I guess is what many people do.
Others sit quietly and hope for the best.
Try not to jinx us, one might say.

I say it, because it could happen but it won’t if, I say it.

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