New Year

So we begin 2015.
Everyone is on a new diet.
Everyone goes for a jog.
Drink less, eat healthy, be more this, do less of that & try new things.

What have we learnt? Or should it be learn’t…

What % of people follow them through? Do we know what’s good for us? Will these small or even large changes
really change us? What’s 365 days without alcohol going to do to me? Life isn’t determined by 365 days.
It’s the 9000 days before and the 40000 days after your little beerless stint. -so what’s the point-
I really truly don’t know, but its a start right?
Maybe I just want to be a cheap drunk next year. Maybe in the short term i’ll save a lot of money.
I might even spend more hours doing something slightly more productive.
Save some brain cells too along the way.
Hang on this is all sounding like a good idea.

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