A few new things!

A somewhat shotgun style version of the week past as well as the welcoming of the new year.

This is me; excited at possibilities. Starry eyed with my options and ideas for the future. Somewhat amazed at the high expectations, indeed how high the bar has been set.
The choices made last year to make this year better. My low expectations for the new years just past, blown out of the water. Out past the stratosphere, into outer-space leaving me wondering “how has it taken me this long to find a happiness in the New Year”. But I did it.

My family. Christmas. Food. Talk. Adventure. Drinking. Old Friends. A Girl. A Cruise.

Work. A Free Festival. Camping. Music. Bad Knee. Drugs. Drinking. The Girl (again). Quotes.
Challenges. True Fun. Sweating. Kissing. New Years. The morning.

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