Food for thought

I’m sitting and reading in my favourite cafe.
Back to the wall, comfortable as can be,
with a small, bustling room of people before me.

Standing up, a pretty girl having just downed her second glass of water.
Makes her way to the bathroom. The door to which, is only a few short strides away.
I see her open the door, close the door, lock the door…
And then a sudden rattle of the door knob.

“Velociraptors” I say to myself half smiling, and return to my book.

My point though mundane. Is that almost everyone checks that they’ve locked the door.
Simple enough from their perspective. But hilarious indeed when I see it happen.
I myself am guilty, I lock and check.
“No stranger barging in on me mid-stream”. Safe.

From the observers side, its a relaxed walk in, the click of the lock…
followed by the…
VIOLENT attempt to unlock the door.
Followed by quiet.

I like to think the person walking into a bathroom is set upon by carnivorous dinosaurs.
And the lock rattling is indeed their failed attempts of escape from the enclosed deathtrap.
Thankfully though in this daydream dinosaurs cannot unlock doors,
nor do they possess the will to attack anyone outside of the restrooms.

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